Really feeling like a day of fresh air and sunshine

I had a day of tidying up the house – floors, bathroom, washing, putting stuff away.  After that I really felt like doing things and seeing places.

Mum had mentioned going to the recycle station for one of the Council collection points, so off we went for a quick walk around the grounds.  It wasn’t as busy as their first day of bargain hunting, which was the day before, but still there was a lot to see.  I found three books, two with children’s stories for school and one on narrative therapy.  They were in good condition, so I decided to pick them.  I was very pleased with my find.

On the way home we passed some industrial estates, what looked like the new Costco warehouse and a tent city for a Christian annual convention attached to a local Christian school and community.  We also popped in to Woolworths where I found a 2kg tub of yoghurt for improving my calcium levels, as per doctor’s orders.

We were back in time for lunch and then I changed for football.  There were two games, one on the north side and one in Logan city.  As Riverfire was on in the CBD and the roads in the area were closed, it was fun working out how to get there, but Tim helped out by driving in front of my car.

During our first game, there were four helicopters doing a flyover, two of them came nice and low to get a good look at our game and to show off their helicopter, no doubt.  How awesome!  I loved it.  They passed over several times and the last one was seen heading in the direction of Townsville on its own.  We always see the flyovers for Riverfire during our Saturday game in September.  No doubt half of Brisbane does, too.

The second field was amazing.  It boasted perfect lights, a great area for noisy games with not too many close houses, nice steps to sit on and a club house with high stools and an opening wall of doors to take in the game from under cover on the chairs. 

I was pleased to be out and about, and even more pleased that I feel OK with my iron supplements and the rest helping recovery and concentration.  All in all, it worked out just fine.



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