First Aid

Recently, I attended a First Aid course where I learned about Anaphalaxis and Automatic defibrillators.  It was a full day of training, and covered Senior First Aid and Resuscitation. 

For some reason, everyone was very quiet.  We were all keen to stay alert through the sessions and finish as soon as possible, I think.  During the lunch break I went for a walk to the seafront.  It was a beautiful day and far too nice to be indoors, even if it was about helping save lives. 

The presenter is very experienced, so we soon picked up on the main points.  I felt as though I learned how to present such as course as well as how to perform First Aid.  It was strange not talking to other people, though, as we usually have a chance to interact a bit more.

The whole day proved to be very restful and a nice break from my hectic teaching schedule of the last few days. 

I am now ready to finalise my major projects, such as my thesis.  That starts today.  I am taking it in small bite-sized pieces and have started collecting the relevant forms and papers and noting the guidelines and requirements.

I will be applying my own brand of first aid to my thesis and hoping to have it all sorted out during these school holidays.



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