Many pupils, many schools

It has been a real blessing for me to be teaching these last couple of weeks, as I was keen be out and about in Education and pay some bills.

Although it would be interesting to develop a teaching relationship with a particular school and the students, I do quite like the variety of going to many schools.  I have enjoyed the Primary Schools, Special Schools and High Schools that have afforded me this opportunity recently.

There is even a challenge for me, as I am thinking of converting to a Master’s in Educational Guidance and Counselling after this Semester.  A particularly challenging Year-level cohort of students has given me lots to think about.  I would love to find the best careers and counselling approach to set them on the path for next year, while there is still a Term of school remaining.

Last week I also started to feel better after my flu-like virus that has persisted for several weeks.  My triple antigen seemed to kick start the immune systems in my body to fight off something, and I am feeling like going back to choir this weekend, at last!  I am following up with my doctor for all the checks and feel better about sorting it out with her, too.

Today is also the start of a flurry of assignment completions…. so may things to write and so little time.


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