A new week

This week started offf in a rush as I had car troubles on Saturday and needed to take the car for repairs.  Ian at the Autoshop checked out my tyre and saw that it needed replacing.

In between we were taking Dad to the chiropractor and collecting him.  Mum dropped me off again at Ian’s Autoshop and I drove up the road to the T-mart.  It is a convenient location, on the same stretch of road as the doctor and hospital.  While waiting for the
car, I walked up to find out my blood test results and make an appointment for an immunisation.

The tyres were soon fixed, fitted, aligned and balance.  I now have a little booklet with regular milestones for checking in with the T-mart.  What a relief to have the tyres sorted!  It gives me confidence to know that the professionals are looking after things and doing it right.

This week is a big one, with lots of writing, and starting up with my running again.  I’m hoping that the immunisation will leave me feeling fairly normal.

It’s great to follow up on all the small stuff.


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