Last night I arrived home from the football at a bit after 11pm.  As everyone was asleep, I quietly changed into my pyjamas and put my dinner in the microwave.  There was some college football commentary on the television, so I watched that.

Five hours later, I was still wrapped in a blanket on the lounge with the television on, so I made coffee.  I opened the doors to let the air in and decided to have a quiet day.  It was five hours of half-sleep, but I still woke at my usual time.

It is Father’s Day in Australia and I had a card for Dad.  Mum came down to make some tea and remined me that Dad was waiting for his card.  So I took it up and wished him a happy day.  He liked my card.  There was also a lottery ticket which had a prize of $7.00!

I designed a data card for scoring in football and sent it around to the rest of the officials by e-mail.  Mark had some suggestions, which were good, so I changed it a bit and sent it again.

The rest of the day was fairly quiet.  I hung out some towels and did some washing from Saturday.  In the afternoon, I put the sun lounge out under an arbour in the garden.  Max noticed me and came snuffling up.  He had his happy face on as he put his wet nose on my arms and feet!  Everyone knows that Max loves to lie in the sun in his big, furry coat.

Rosemary from a local political party rang up to welcome me as a new member.  She wanted to know if I could help out at a booth on election day next Saturday.  Unfortunately, I have already made arrangements for Saturday, so I might catch her at a branch meeting.  It was nice of her to ring personally and see how I am going, though.



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