The children are very special

Friday was another day of teaching in Special Education.  It was a great day, with a class of 9-11 year olds which I taught a last week for a day.  This time it was just the Teacher Aide and me. 

At the end of the school day, we realised that we had not covered Father’s Day cards.  We did manage to fit in a session on different types of families, though, so I think that helped for the children with no fathers.

For my lunch supervision, J. from a different class remembered me and asked me to take him through the gym.  These students love their PE classes and often practice on the outdoors gym on the day of their lesson. 

Thursday night I saw the video about Jacob Barnett, who is at college at 14 years of age.  He started in Special Education and says his education stopped there, but he learned to think and create. 

I think it helps the image of any country immensely to have students like Jacob achieve so much from such humble beginnings.  Every country should really focus on helping these children as much as possible.  It will do wonders for the reputation of the Education system in any country that does.


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