T. and the accident

Today I was with a new class for supply teaching.  The lovely teacher aide, T., was out on playground duty when she hugged someone the wrong way or something and put her neck out.  It was quite painful and the other teachers had to bring ice and call the ambulance.

Poor B., the student who hugged her, was distraught.  He sat with the school chaplain and made a lovely picture for T., but was not consoled for long.  “Where is T.?” he demanded.  “How is she?”.

We had to combine two classes because T. was away for the afternoon.  Quite a few eventful things made the day interesting, like playing Duck, Duck, Goose and reading “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”.

I hope that T. will be OK soon.  She will probably be bruised for a few days and might be taking some time off.  One of the mothers was volunteering with the bigger students, so she might be called on to help out tomorrow.

It was just that morning the B. was telling me about Alex the lion in “Madagascar” and how he chased his friend, Marty.  He seemed in awe of Alex and Marty.  I hope it didn’t make him feel worse when poor T. had the accident.



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