Finalising the thesis

Yesterday I did some research in the area of education as an social structure and found some very interesting information.  Sociologists seem to have been arguing about this for a while, as if formal education has many roles, the least of which is to help students to think independently as contributors to the betterment of the human condition.

The effects of the virus that I have had for the last 2-3 weeks seems to be abating, and I am able to think more clearly about my writing, at last.  I had a blood test for my doctor to see how my rhubella and other immunity is going.  Apparently, there is an outbreak of measles in Melbourne at present.   Doing work experience in child care is helping me to build immunity.

I somehow think that education and health care are linked at the basic level of why they are funded by governments, so I will have to think on that and see if it is relevant to my thesis.



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