Child care and its ailments

I’ve had fun for my first 16.5 hours of work experience in child care.  They put me in with the babies on the first day and most of the second day with the last few hours in the playground.

The structures and routines for child care are amazing.  They have great A3 posters for a summary of each day’s activites with coloured photographs printed on the paper.  There is a dedicated cook who prepares all the purees, fruit, lunches and drinks.  It is just incredible how far the industry has come in the last few years!

One of the essential parts of childcare is building immunity to the childhood diseases.  This week, I have been working on hand, foot and mouth disease.  It’s not something I have heard of before, but it is very common as a mild infectious disease among children.  Apparently, I can lead to complications, so care is needed.

As an adult, I seem to have a good base for immunity and now have cold and flu-like symptoms.  This seems to be a sign of fighting off the virus. 

I look forward to going back, perhaps in a couple of days, so that I can find out about the older age groups and their carers.  If not this week, I expect I will be fine next week.

The children all seem to bright and happy in their child care centre, so I am sure it will be a great experience as I continue with my practical hours and assessment.


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