Mentor found!

This week my e-mail from the university arrived saying that I have a mentor match.  Finally!  He is an information technology person in New South Wales who studied at my university up to 2012.

At present, he is travelling overseas, but will be in town once a month when he returns.  At least it seems as though we can meet face-to-face at some stage.  He sent an e-mail with aon overview of his background in IT which shows he is eminently qualified to be an excellent mentor for me.

This week I have been busy at a child care centre doing some practical hours for my qualification in Early Childhood.  We also started our gym work for the DIploma in Fitness.  The hands-on part was a lot of fun and the teachers have been really great.  It has been a real privilege working with the little children who have so much fun at child care that they try to fit in as much play as possible before they are collected by their parents.

I also went to a coffee break and short seminar session in the CBD after the gym session and met some great post graduate students, including teachers.  Uma from India is studying human resources, so we swapped details in case she can help me with my careers counselling interview.

It has been a great week, all up and I hope to take a break on the weekend and also finish some assignments and thesis work.



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