Red Cross Ladies

This morning I met the Red Cross ladies when I went in for my blood donation.  I was only five minutes late, which is not unusual there, they tell me.

My blood pressure was 97/65 which seemed lower than normal and my haemoglobin was 139, apparently also fine.  This last week or two for some reason the air seems full of oxygen.  I’m not sure whether it’s moisture in the air from the snow down South or something else.  Maybe it’s the salads I’ve been making, or the vegetables Peter brought us these last few weeks.

In any event, the procedure went fine and fairly quickly.  There were two lovely volunteers in the main building who chatted with us.  One had been a worker with Red Cross and now she has been a volunteer for 25 years!  That’s amazing community spirit.

I stayed for a cup of tea and date and ginger biscuit, where were very nice.  Another lady there had both arms wrapped in shrink bandage even though she could not actually give blook.  Perhaps her blook pressure was not strong enough? 

They made my next appointment for November.  Apparently donating plasma can occur more frequently, but I have to work that one out first, to see how I feel about it all. 


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