Season starts soon

We had two more preseason games yesterday, the Ghosts of Gridiron and a club game, to help us focus on the new rules.  It was great to be out in the fresh air and sunshine again, and we enjoyed raising money for the Charity Bowl part. 

One of the players has a little girl with Leukemia, who is only two years old but did a great job of tossing the coin for the first game.  We also had a young lass sing the national anthem a capella, giving a great performance.  It was very low-key, but all really well done.

The grounds have had a major upgrade, with an undercover car park and top level, video replay board and the usual facilities and mobile canteens.  We look forward to the Sunbowl or Season Finals being there, when the board should be working.

Next weekend I have a workshop on squats and upper body work for strength and conditioning coaching.  After that, we are into regular season games.  The season seems shorter, because we used to start in June/July with preseason games and then regular games.  Now we start in July/August, but have Friday night games, too. 

I look forward to finishing my thesis so that I have more time for this kind of thing.


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