Presentation yesterday went well

Cardiac transplant –

Our assignments for M. E-B. were due yesterday, including the presentation.  After a good few days working on the assignment and Power Point slides, I had something resembling a decent report and printed it off to hand in.  I put the slides and linked objects on a DVD and even found a way to label the disc.

Everyone had their work ready as well, so we all presented our research.  It went well for everyone.  Well, I did have a problem with the computer not being plugged in to the white board for sound, but M. E-B. played around with it and eventually it worked.

I thought there were a lot of medical terms in my topic, but I don’t think we were expected to be familiar with them unless we had experience with cardiac transplant or whatever the condition was.  It was certainly a relief to have that over and done with.

I wore my TAFE shirt with Queensland Government embroidered on the back.  It looked very official and is supposed to help us to look respectable when we do our 30 hour practical at the Gym.  L. gave them to us yesterday in class.

Craig chatted with me at first break, saying he was not sure he could complete his this course but he had felt the same way about the Certificate IV course and had managed to complete that one.  I guess most people feel the same and many just chose to ignore any doubts and carry on.  For myself, I am probably past doubting and just live in a constant state of surprise.

Next thing to think about regarding the Fitness course seems to be new and wonderful foods, like pumpkin seek butter, coconut flour and the like. 





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