Cardiac transplant

I am researching cardiac transplant to produce a PowerPoint presentation and report.  It is very interesting, but I have to limit myself to just the readings for the topic or I would be writing a book and not a report.

It is a lot of fun finding videos and medical information on the internet, so I work on it when I can and take a break to process the mental effort for understanding it.  Today I was chatting to Seamus about the first assignment and we were still talking half an hour later.  He has plans for being very professional in his personal training business, which is great to hear.

We were discussing what kind of training we have been doing and where we would like to go.  Seamus told me about his professional library, which is something I hadn’t thought about for PT, as teaching has been the main focus for my book searches.  I had been reading in the local paper about the walking track at Woody Point where there is a check-in system for smartphones.  I’ll have to check it out, as I love that area as a venue for PT and have often thought of leaving flyers at the cafe on the waterfront.

Our discussion was really to help Seamus decide whether he wanted to go to classes in the afternoon.  Josh is another person who has to cover four extra topics with Seamus, me and someone else.  He wasn’t in, though.  I expect a lot of people are working from home on their assignments.

I came away from college this morning with lots of ideas, which set me off on housecleaning and bringing in the washing so I could think about it all.  It’s all very serious, working with cardiac transplant clients and medical teams, so I am glad that the supporting information is out there just waiting to be put together to help people.



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