Making scones

Sunday mornings is peak scone- making time in our kitchen.  This morning, Mum repeated the recipe to me a couple of times and said, “Get on with it!”.  So, I did.

Without thinking too much, I managed to leave out the sugar, sift the flour and change the ratio of cream to milk.  Apart from that, the recipe was pretty much what she had told me.  The dough started out fluffy but ended up a bit like a batter with the addition of extra milk to bring in the stray bits of flour at the bottom of the mixing bowl.  I mixed it with an ordinary knife.

The deviation from her recipe was too much for Mum, who took command and rolled the scones out on the bench top herself.  We ended up with eight instead of six, but that was OK.

After a quarter of an hour or so, they were fine!  Eight little scones rose perfectly and looked better than “shop bought” ones.  Mum was happy.  Dad was happy.  I found them a bit filling and could have just had one instead of two.

So now on Sunday mornings I will no doubt be perfecting my recipe while Mum sleeps in, all safe and warm in her bed.

The scones will be rising, all safe and warm in the oven, and I will be busy setting the table for Sunday morning breakfast with coffee.



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