Smiley stamps

Yesterday my mission was to find a smiley stamp.  It is part of my teacher tool kit.  I am also looking for a dinosaur stamp.  They are not plentiful in the neighbourhood shops, despite the fact that there are at least six schools between my house and the local stationery shops.  Eventually, I found my smiley stamp and was surprised to find that it is manufactured in Japan.

It was also a week of sorting out some of my studies.  I walked around the campus where I am studying Fitness, including the large oval and children’s services departments.  The library really is the hub of the campus, with lots of  people coming through and the information technology support people on hand.

I was delighted on Tuesday to receive a phone call from Holly saying that my textbook has arrived.  On Wednesday I collected it from the textbook warehouse shop.  It might be a small campus and the bookshop is tiny, but the staff make all the difference.  The text is from the American College of Sports Medicine and very relevant and interesting.

I worked on a cheat sheet for Harvard AGPS referencing style on Wednesday night, which I found helpful for my own assignments, and sent it to my lecturer but did not present it in class.  Instead we went to the library and a librarian helped us to work through the details.

During that class, I set up my PowerPoint presentation and Report quite quickly, using a spreadsheet with  hyperlinks to my USB drive for images, web pages and pdf files.  Since I have been doing it at a snail’s pace for my thesis, I was very surprised to move to warp speed for my Diploma assessment.

Although I haven’t focussed much on building a brand or marketting, my Monday classes are about that sort of thing.  This week I picked up a new customer for Avon, bringing my total to four, with only one ordering each campaign.  I am keeping track of all my incomings and outgoings, so I will try to run my Avon orders as a business instead of just for friends.  For this, I am investigating invoicing options.  I think my order total will be around $50 for this three week period, and the costs of processing it will be greater than any profits, if I make any profit at all.  Anyway, it will be a good way to ease into record keeping and BAS reporting.

It will also be a good way to test my skills in book keeping for my fitness training work, assuming that I complete and pass my course by the end of November this year.  I really look forward to having that sorted out and the journey to fulfilling my goal is lots of fun.


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