Local clubs and associations

Although I officiate football and am quite busy as a member of the local officiating association at State and National levels, I have decided to branch out.  I like singing in the local music ministry at our church, and hope to be free to attend practice shortly.

Now it is time for me to be a member of different groups and the ones that appeal to me are the local yacht club and a political party.  I would also like to join the golf club and will ask Dad to look around at garage sales for a set of clubs. 

What seems to help is that I aim to learn specific skills that I need, but don’t usually use on a daily basis.  These include: (a) keeping financial records in a bit more detail than a manilla envelope full of receipts; (b) keeping track of dates and kilometres for events and due dates; (c) getting back to my active self with some added thinking, instead of just rushing off to burn some energy because I can; (d) following up on conversations; and (e) helping other people to talk about their concerns.

Somehow, it helps to build up some intentions, keep track and keep records.  I have been good at shopping-list style to do lists, but it is time to move to something more detailed. 

Thankfully, my lecturers in the Fitness Diploma are great role models at this so I am off to a terrific start.


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