Fitness studies

This week I started my fitness course which includes working with medical and allied health professionals.  Somehow I felt that it was the right thing to do and was able to switch my focus to sorting out my enrolment this week.  It was amazing really, as Wendy, Mary, Leighton, Geraldine and Annabelle were really helpful towards me and all the other confused new starters.

There is some practicum work, so I need to change my status to student for a few weeks so that I can teach clients in the gym and do some work experience with people who are managed by clinicians.  It sounds really exciting and is a great opportunity for the College to build its brand and put forward some of its great students. 

I also have a 100 hours of supervised work with Year One students to arrange, so I checked in with Student Services to find out the best way to approach it.  Annabelle provided guidance about how to sort it out and I was really glad to find a way to take the next step with the Early Childhood part of my studies.

Dad has been tidying up the back garden and it is now incredibly tidy.  Our tree with small purple flowers has gone as has the jasmine, which was really overgrown.  All the edges are trimmed and the overhanging branches from next door cut back.  He has been very busy.

Mum’s vegetable garden is in good shape again and we have strawberries ripening in the main beds.  The grapefruit tree in the chicken run has very big grapefruit again which I like to have at breakfast with some honey.  The chickens have been eating grass and garden clippings so their egg yolks are lovely and yellow.  They even started laying again this week on the very same day that Peter’s chickens started laying again.  It must be early Spring weather, the kind we get before mid-August when the last of the Winter South Westerly winds bring us the cold again.

I hope to use my new business subject on Monday to help with a business plan for our sports officials’ organisation.  Miles is doing all the work and I hope to be able to add to it, or use another example for my assignment.  It will be about risk management and legal aspects of a small business.  Somehow, I don’t think our organisation is a business, much as we might like to think that we are professional service providers.

Thanks to the garden vegetables, our organic chicken eggs and the fitness studies, I have been making salads and taking an interest in preparing food.  This week I have also tried to look like a personal trainer and act professionally while I am at college.  There is a fair bit of preparation and research to do, which is really interesting due to the abundant resources on the internet and in the library.

Just one Semester and I will be on a new fitness journey, helping people with chronic medical conditions to improve their health and manage their illnesses.  That is something to which I really look forward.




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