Back to Saturday sports

One thing about sports on Saturday is the way it motivates me to organise my week so that I am ready to go out.  Take last weekend, for example.

I cooked my oat and raspberry slice the day before so that I had something to eat between games.  My officiating uniform with hat, shoes and belt was ready.  I just needed to iron the shirt and pants.  The other equipment was in my bag.

Although it has been a while since I packed my bag, it was easy to sort out a change of clothes and everything else.  Of course, I had to have breakfast and pack my lunch box.  It was surprising how quickly I was ready to go.

The drive to the Gold Coast was very smooth.  I might have taken the first turn off instead of the second, but I soon found my way back on track.  It was a fine Winter’s morning, much like Spring, with no sign of rain.

At the sports ground and in the local area it was a hive of activitiy.  There was a tennis tournament, netball fixtures, visiting athletes, and lots of parked cars nearby.  In the centre, though, there was plenty of parking.

There were two visiting officials from overseas, Al senior and his son Al junior.  There were also five international teams and an Australian Future Stars team with almost fifty players.  We had three games scheduled from 10am to 5pm.  My games were the middle and final, which included the Down Under Bowl’s 25th Anniversary game.  Australia doesn’t usually field a team in the Down Under Bowl, but this year it did.  Although they did not score a point, it was a very well-played game.

Chris P. was there, as his son organises the whole event, which includes visiting athletes in several sports.  It was great to catch up with him again.  Jesse W. who is now signed to a NFL team also visited and some of the officials had a photo taken with him.  It must have been five years ago or more that he was playing gridiron football in Queensland.

The games were awesome.  I had a great time and eventually got back into game mode, as it has been a few months since I was officiating on the field.  I didn’t do the Level 1 training session, as I have sat in on it so many times I probably know it backwards by now.  So that meant I did not catch up with anyone. 

We had a quick AGM meeting, as that was the only time we could manage a quorum.  Tim brought copies of the reports and the Executive was pretty well re-elected with a replacement for Clyde, who moved to Western Australia last year.

It was a great day.  The players seemed to really enjoy themselves and by the end of the last game, I felt as if I was back to thinking about football rules again, at least on Saturdays.

The experiences of the week, of having a day teaching Special Needs children and officiating on Saturday encouraged me to pursue my dream of completing my Diploma in Fitness.  On Monday I went in to the college to sort out my enrolment, as I had been enquiring about it before.

By the afternoon I had sorted out the pre-requisites and mapped the competencies from my previous studies across to the newly approved course.  Next item on my agenda is the not-for profit business plan for our executive committee of officials.  I can do that as part of my studies.


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