Teaching today

This morning I was called in to teach with enough notice to have some breakfast before I left the house.  I have been to the school before, so I had an idea of the traffic just before school starts in the morning.  There are actually a lot of schools in our neighbourhood and on the main roads leading away from here.

It was lovely to have a complete list of the day’s activities with students’ names included.  I also was fortunate to work with two teachers’ aides, who were really good.  We had a school assembly with special visitors and a class presentation, as well as certificates for doing really well during the week.  The day was off to a great start.

At first break a couple of students played basketball, so I joined in.  Everything was really close to the classroom, and other classes were working outside their rooms some of the time, so there is a real sense of community at the school.  It was great to see the love and kindness that the staff showed to the students.  After lots of care and attention, the senior students are seem very mature and have a great way of helping the younger students.

We had some English, Maths and music activities during the day.  I showed the students a favourity musical, or parts of it, which has the theme of outer space.  Michelle, one of the Aides, seemed very interested in trying it out with the children some time soon.

Apart from falling off a low chair with wheels when a student was showing me around the classroom,  it was a brilliant day.  Lunch duty was shared with a showing of “Ice Age”, which I do like.

As I am studying career development at present, it is a challenge to think of the types of work that is available in the community for children of mixed abilities.  It might be a good idea for me to try to focus the coming Semester’s work on Special Needs students and employment opportunities.  Certainly, the computer seemed really popular with some of the older children and the use of audio visual presentations at Assembly was just brilliant. 

It so happens that this is the school which I would like to involve in baseball and football activities in the surrouding area.  It has been pushed back due to funding being channelled to flood relief and away from community sports and activities.  Now, though, I think the situation has changed a bit and the time might be right again. 

That’s another motivator to get me to finish my thesis sooner rather than later.


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