It’s tough keeping up the standard

Recently, I read that the test for adult literacy was being able to write about what had happened in your day.  It’s that simple.

Well, it starts out being simple.  After that it turns out to be a great mental exercise and discipline to put together enough words to cover what goes on… and to leave out the crazy parts.

It’s leaving out the crazy parts that is hardest for me.  Noone really wants to know who I e-mailed, where I looked for career development, what courses I looked at or the weird things that happen when I go to the local shopping centre.  Writing about my day ends up being about writing a life that is reassuringly normal, but unique enough to be just mine. 

It’s a bit like applying for a job.  What unique skills do I have?  I mean, really, if my skills were unique, nobody would see the relevance. 

What makes my day unique?  Well, that’s a bit easier.  It’s my family.  Noone has a family like mine! Then its the weather, different in every part of the world.  It’s how I feel.  It’s my successes.  There’s no point in dwelling on the failures. 

I like having secret goals.  Secret big goals are the best.  Being better than good and going for great is one I saw this morning.  It’s a brilliant motto to follow. 


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