They are on their way home from Finland

What a tournament!  The second Womens World Championship of tackle football in Helsinki came to an exciting end early on Sunday morning, Australian time.  Then there was an after-party and then they headed home.

I enjoyed the internet television that did manage to come through from the other side of the world, although it was a bit patchy at times.  I think the referees worked very hard and hopefully are inspired to keep going with their training and participation.  Congratulations to Anni who is the first Finnish referee at a world championships!  I wonder whether that includes men referees as well?  It probably does, although I’m not sure about other sports and other codes of football.

Meanwhile, at home, I am so glad that our dog did not seem to have taken the rat pellets that Dad might or might not have left in the vegetable garden with the gate open.  Maybe the vets helped with their Vitamin K and other treatment, or maybe there were no pellets.  At least he seems happy and normal again, which is great. 

Last week I had a thesis meeting with my supervisors and hope to have it in shape within two weeks so that they can provide feedback about anything that I overlooked.  I am always inspired by meeting with them, as they seem to have hope that I can do this, even though it seems too incredible that I might finish it and submit it successfully.

So, back to another day of sorting out my professional development and preparing for work.








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