Sunshine makes all the difference

This morning the sun broke through, hid behind clouds for a while and came out again.  It makes all the difference to have a bright day instead of a rainy one. 

We have had a fire on in the living room in the evenings to warm us up a bit when the days are rainy and colder.  It is probably like a cool Summer’s day in Europe, but for us it is a drop of 25 degrees celsius or more from what has been normal for the last ten months.

My supervisor has arranged a meeting for this week, so I am busy tidying up my thesis and addressing the issues in the examiners’ reports by putting my responses in a table of facts.  Yesterday, I was blocking and balancing my data tables for a data analysis. 

It helps to hear from WWC2013 in Vantaa every now and then.  They girls have a new supervisor this time.  The photographs and videos are awesome, with all the officials looking really good on the field.  I particularly like the short videos that show some action and the ones with interviews. 

The next day of games is coming up, so I want to make sure I can see some of the live coverage over the internet. 


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