A day with the Friedman Test and R

While the girls in Helsinki are going through 12 hours of training and preparation for the start of the tournament, I am sitting by a cosy fire installing R and looking at balanced block design for coding data.

It is a funny day, with my focus partly on good old Freidman tests and partly widening out to other things.  There are the training videos to look at , a 100 question test to look at, a few study guides and a project to start with Miles in Canberra.

Colleting data is interesting in itself, but coding it is another story.  I learned about the positivist approach to operationalising data for my flowchart and from there it is just a hop, skip and jump to coding in blanced blocks.  It’s not so much the theory as the practice, because I can practice in R.

Yes, the wonders of R are unfolding before my very eyes!  I can see why it is useful and how it can be used, but am really just at the stage of calling my data and trying to run the Friedman test.  It would obviously be better to block the data first.  I’ll have to get onto that soon.

Meanwhile, Peter and Aydda came to visit for her sixth birthday.  She is off to lunch with her Mum and then Peter is supposed to be preparing dinner for a lot of the family tonight.  His shift at the markets starts tonight, so he was keen to return home and sort out what is happening.

I checked out the weather in Vantaa and it seems to be the same as here.  A few showers are predicted, but generally it should be pleasant.  Pictures of the airport and airport conference room have been posted, so it looks like the accommodation might be in apartments with no meeting room, or close to the airport.

It will be so exciting when the games are on, as they will be on the internet, if it supports lots of international viewers.


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