Flow charts

Today I am tackling the flow chart for my thesis appendix.  It will show the integration between a cultural analysis and the survey.  As the cultural analysis is mainly about students from developing countries, it is an evolving process of understanding the importance of education and study abroad.

Appendix 1 is the data quality statement.  Then I have my survey questions for another appendix.  It’s a great pity that a pencil and paper diagram with arrows and little lozenge shapes won’t do for this flow chart business.  Come to think of it, I had one of those at the start of the thesis with coloured-in circles and lines joining different parts. 

While I am doing this, I am working out how to do things like “operationalise variables”.  The language of data and statistics is quite odd at times when it isn’t used on a regular basis. 

The next thing will be how to replicate the data coding using the same survey with a different population.  I need to explain that clearly.  It isn’t easy because the format of the survey may seem simple, but is actually quite complex.  It’s just that you have to plunge in and answer it, if  you are in the target group.  Then it all becomes very clear – I hope.  At least, it should be clear after I reading the thesis.



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