Rock Street rocks

Today we went along Rock Stree on our early morning walk.  It is one street further up from our normal street.  There are a couple of houses with cats often in the front garden and a pair of happy long haired gold retriever-type dogs on the corner who love to bark.  I think they have collars to silence the bark, as it is a bit muffled. 

Rock Street was still asleep, though, except for three or four people going down to the paper shop for papers and to the bus stop.  It has a cement footpath along one side which is fenced off in one place for some kind of building work.  The old hotel that has been deserted for seven years is at the other end.  It, too, is fenced off.

Max was happy!  Lots of new smells along the way no doubt kept him sniffing madly at every post.  There were so many posts….  Dad says he is catching up on his doggy e-mail when he visits the posts with his super-snoop nose at work.  That must have made him a very happy dog, then, after all the new “messages”.

The yoga ladies were down at the beach again, doing sun salutations, or whatever.  They seem to like that beach, as it is fairly calm and the sun rises directly along the coast just there.  Perhaps they just live nearby in the newish units.  I think there may be a tree-hugger or two among them, as they seem very earnest.

I do quite like Rock Street, so we may include that now on our itinerary.  No doubt we will soon discover where the sleeping dogs live.  In the meantime, it is just another pleasant street in suburbia.


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