Sunday breakfast is scones with jam and cream

At our place, Sunday breakfast is often made fresh.  We have coffee and scones with jam and cream.  The jam is japoticaba from the tree in our garden.  I love the japoticaba tree because the fruit attaches at the trunk and branches.  It is very unusual.

This morning was no exception.  We were very happily tucking in to scones and coffee earlier on.  It took a long time to perfect the recipe, but now it is just brilliant.

We listen to “Macca on a Sunday Morning” on the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) channel.  He is usually talking with people on the telephone about the weather and local lobby groups.  It is interesting to hear about what is going on around the country.  Sometimes people call just for the sake of being heard by their friends, I am sure.  Maybe I should try that too, and see if anyone I know actually listens to it.

Dad was out earlier, taking Max for a walk.  I have not been out with Max all week, as I am up writing my thesis as early as I can without disturbing the household.  Half-way through a scone, he mentioned that someone had left a pair of sandshoes by the park rubbish bin.  People have left crutches there in the past, so I was not surprised.  Actually, Dad picked them up and brought them home.  They are about the right size for Mum.  I’m not sure if she would wear black shoes with lime green soles, but why not?  She certainly loves to recycle and often says that her knee replacement makes her leg feel very heavy.  This might be the hint that she needs to walk two blocks down to the park and back each day.

That was a surprise!  Going out for a walk and coming back with shoes!  As we live opposite a school oval, it is not unusual for people to leave behind things that they don’t really like.  Sometimes we take school hats to the upper oval so that they can be found in the lunch hour.  The park is used by boy scouts, as they have a hall at the back of it, even though the park is quite small.

It turned out to be quite an eventful breakfast, after all.  As if japoticaba jam wasn’t enough of a thrill!





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