Learning by running

There are many things I have found out while starting a jogging program.

Mainly, I found that pounding the pavement seems to encourage the ligaments in my feet to stabilise my foot a lot.  Also, the circulation in my legs has improved as can be seen by their colour, a few shades more lively than palest white.

My knees seem to have adjusted to the various terrains, up hill, down dale, across the parks and along various nature strips, parking lots and pavements.  I can change direction better, and my feet and knees can adjust very quickly when I come to potholes and bumps in the paths.

Afer twelve weeks, it really is much more of a habit than an appointment to remember.  It is easier to lay out my shorts and top the night before and have my socks and other things nearby.  Drinking enough water seems to come automatically.  ! look forward to my very evolved oat slice recipe, which now includes frozed raspberries and ricotta, if we have some leftover in the fridge.

While planning to include some resistance training, I am experimenting with pleasant study breaks, such as taking notes in the sunshine, using my pedometer to catch up on my daily steps goals and listening to the new free tunes from the internet.  This morning I started a slightly odd combination of aerobic step with 2 x 2kg weights, a sand-filled ball and a small step while catching up on the new music.


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