Library story time

This morning we went to the library to find books on fences.  Dad wants to put up a new one and he is starting to plan. 

Mum was looking for “Choice” magazines with information on dishwashers.  She likes to research appliances using that magazine as they provide lots of useful information.

I found Stafan Collini’s “What are universities for?” and a Sams Teach Yourself on “PHP, MySQL and Apache in 24 hours”.  While I was waiting I read some “Burda” magazines and “The Courier Mail” and “The Australian” newspapers for today.  I also changed Mum’s library card for the updated sort that can be used with the automated checkout machines.

It was story time for toddlers.  Oh what fun!  We heard “Incy, wincy spider” and “The very hungry caterpillar”, old favourites.  Actually, I have a primary school teaching contract next week, so story time was a good way to listen in on ways of engaging the little ones.  There was much excitement.  A one year old girl with a fascinating book clutched to her chest was running around the bookshelves squealing in delight as her Mother followed quickly in her footsteps.

We should have guessed it was story time, as the car park was fairly full on arriving and totally full as we left.  Story time was good, as long as there are other, more up to date stories to read while waiting. 

Then it was back to the message stream from my colleagues who are going to Helsinki.  I felt excited for them, too.  They will have such a good time!  I will be very busy here at home, thinking of them.  There is a hint of more to come for some of the group, the ones who are not going.  It will be great to hear what the next adventure will be.


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