Online Courses – the ultimate shapeshifting challenge

While studying and researching using the internet lately, I have noticed how easy it seems to be to employ people to create new websites related to government services.  However, updating them is a whole different story.  They seem to disappear at a very fast rate.

This is particularly noticeable when looking at online vocational education and training courses.  I am amazed at how many redundant units are listed, often offered for recognition of prior learning.

Thinking about how this is going to look in the school setting is a bit disconcerting.  I can imagine teachers at home, feeding assignments through printers and software programs that provide automatic marking.  Then there will be course writers and content managers producing materials for students.  Someone might be supervising the students in the classrooms, but certainly not at home, as the parents will usually be at work.  Students whose parents do not work will want to know why they can’t study at home.

Then, when the certificate is printed off and the student proudly shows their accomplishments to prospective employers, the workplaces will have designed their own version of the courses which have to be studied and passed.  Students will be offered subsidised study, or wage-like benefits to become up to date.  The next intake of school students will be further behind company courses. 

A very Kafka-esque sequence of being up to date with what technology can deliver and industry can produce could ensue.  That is, if it is not happening already.  I hear they are providing SAP training at UTS in Sydney as an add-on course for the general public.


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