Chapter One – tick

Yesterday I opened a new template for my thesis and wrote chapter 1.  The other template was a bit clumsy and this one is the preferred format from the university.

Now I have the first and last chapters in shape, still needing a bit of reworking.  I can move on to chapter 2.

Just being able to write in a technical style and relatively fluently is a huge blessing!  Now I can weed out superfluous words and approaches, irrelevant references and narrow down the waffly sentences.  I have no idea how this came about, but finally it is fitting together.

This morning, I felt so happy to be in control of the thesis.  It looks right.  I am starting to get a grip on the conceptual framework.  Research articles that I look up are easy to classify as part of other debates.  I can see where academics are trying to mark their own territories and start a substantial research domain of their own.  Perhaps I am decoding academia as I try to decode my own expansive style?

Three more chapters to fit into some semblance of order.  At least I have copious wordage with which to work;  many deleted chapters to trawl through should I need reminders.  Although I can see challenges ahead in refining my argument, the sentences themselves seem to provide the answers. 

Editing is making so much more sense to me now.  The comments of the examiners are finally meaningful.  That’s the hardest part.  Learning to read the minds of people in academia is no easy task.  There is so much clutter in there.  Just like there was so much clutter in my thesis – the old one, that is.


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