Today I start my writing schedule for finishing my thesis.  I have to check on a few other things that need to be written as well, and schedule them into my day.

I normally start between 9 and 10am, as I am on call for supply teaching.  Although I have only had one week of teaching since October last year, I still make sure I am ready from around 7am to 8:30am in case I am called in.  The funding model for schools changed this year, so there is more internal supervision and less casual work and I have noticed the difference.  Also, teachers are starting to be tested on their Maths, Science and English skills in order to maintain registration, which will be awkward for over-worked teachers with test anxiety.

Fortunately, I have managed to sort my notes into manila folders and organise my writing space to be conducive to work.  The most difficult part is scheduling breaks and walking around time, as I tend to forget unless I drink lots of water.

The cooler temperatures of 21 Celsius help, because I find it difficult to focus when the weather is 33 Celsius for six months or more.  We have had a very warm Spring and Summer and the best Autumn weather for writing, this year.

I am continuing my database searches to make sure that I am up to date, and continue to find interesting and relevant material.  Although I may  not be able to use it in the thesis, it helps me to tie things in to the latest developments.

My schedule is for large blocks of writing in the mornings and catching up with other things in the afternoons and evenings.  It is a work in progress, so I will refine it until it suits me well.  A plan in progress is better than no plan at all.


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