Half-way Mark in my Counselling Course

On Thursday I posted my last assignment, in the Career Development unit.  It arrived on Friday and I was notified by e-mail.  Hurray!

That means I am half-way through the course, as long as my marks are good, that is.  Then, in July, the next two subjects will start. It will be another six months to which I look forward happily.   I think I will have to start preparing right away, though, as the reading load is quite high. 

In the next two weeks I want to set aside one week for working on my thesis.  I’m sure that a dedicated week of effort will finalise it, now that I have been working on the discussion chapter.  The prospect of finishing and then working on conference papers is really motivating.  I have the abstracts for three papers and have been thinking of them as I work on the main thesis, but not writing them up yet.

There is the prospect of a short teaching contract coming up in two weeks’ time, as well.  I hope to find out soon if I make the interview stage for next week.  In any case, I will be immersed in writing my thesis and having paid employment is a great incentive to finish it soon.




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