Literature Review was OK. Now for the Program

For some reason, I was up a couple of hours early this morning, making a cappuccino and watching some random programs on the television.  My assignment came back yesterday with a good mark, and some comments, so I decided to search for information on career development programs in schools.

I discovered that New York, for example, has career development as a core subject in schools.  That was a surprise, as the Australian “blueprint” from ten years ago is still hailed as the foundation document here, but only as a supplement to other core subjects.

This morning I listened to a podcast from NCVER saying that happiness is supposed to be linked to higher education.  The more education we have, the more happiness we are meant to find in our lives, partly through better work.  However, now that apprenticeships are linked to highly paid trades, many tradesmen are earning very good money four years after entry into their jobs. 

What I liked most about the podcast was the claim that happiness can be elusive for graduates who have to work at the bottom rung of the career ladder with people who have very high standards of living and amazing careers.  This stands to reason, as social status can be the oil that keeps work conversations running smoothly. 

It seems that the take-home message from my research is that people who are easily prone to depression should take up a trade or work in a creative field.  No wonder creative industries is so popular nowadays.  It may well have democratised the work force.  Film directors, sculptors, actors, journalists, writers, cartoonists, games developers are all at the cutting edge of developments and innovation with the capacity for great earnings.

Anyway, back to my career development program.  I have seen some great formats for procedures and overviews of work units, so now it is my turn.  Time to marshal all those competencies into a decent framework and discuss what is going on.



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