Writing my jogging time

While out jogging this morning, I began thinking of how I would write about all the things that occurred to me along the way.  Then I realised that I was bringing my writing into my jogging and found that a bit of over-think.

It’s nice to have a routing and just go out and do it.  The morning jog is  a bit like that.  However, the time has come to diversify.  Squats and lunges are good, especially as they require only a little bit of space.  The ADF Fitness Program is interesting, as it incorporates the morning running and walking. 

It is more than this, though.  Max needs some skills work and I need a bit of practice for beep test-type activities.  So I am thinking of afternoons or early evening session with the long, retractable lead and some marker cones.  Another option is just different activities at a local park or two.

So both Max and I have to diversify the routine to increase the challenge and modulate the morning run.  Max has actually started to race along, with me in tow, only to suddenly stop and check his doggy e-mails at random light poles and bushes.  Great training for football refereeing, but sudden stops are a bit awkward while going at top speed. 

I think training is called for.  That should sort things out.


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