Testing, testing, day of resting….

Sunday was a fun day.  We had daffodils growing in a pot that were put on the low table in the dining room.  They looked brilliant!  Dad loves daffodils.  Actually, the look more like Jonquils, but are very pretty, none the less.

Although I still checked my e-mails in the morning, I remembered that I had an Executive Committee Skype session at 9pm.  So I avoided the laptop as much as possible and just did other things.

There was the San Diego triathlon on television.  I read the first chapter of my introductory psychology text book while watching the bike and running legs of that.  Reading on Sundays generally makes me tired, so I took the opportunity to rest and read.

Then there were some NCIS programs during lunch.  It gives me a nice break from my routine to sit and watch them in my lunch break.

My assignment from Friday did not have the correct e-mail address, to I re-sent that to Ann-Marie.  In the evening I watched “Inspektor Rex” and “The Voice” so as to be around for the meeting shortly afterwards.  As it was a Skype meeting, there was just some typing and reading.  I was pleased that it took around 40 minutes and most of that was waiting for people to write something.  That is my first proper Executive Meeting.  I have tried to catch others, but usually the timing is out for my schedule.

The test of a rest worked well.  I was still focussed on doing the thesis, but had to just think about it rather than write it. 

This week is looking much better with a big rest day.  I quite like the idea.  Back in the days before my thesis, I had Sunday as a rest day, or another day if Sunday was taken.


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