Study group at Liz’s

I arrived a bit early at my class this Friday but found only six students and a transcription Aider person there.  Ann Marie did not arrive at all, so I had to e-mail my assignment and put it in the post when I got home.

We decided to go to Liz’s unit for a study group to tackle the Job Description assignment which is due in less than three weeks.  Mandy, Kay, Liz and I all discussed the questions and read through the Community Support Worker and Case Worker job profiles in detail with lots of stories and questions.  We worked through lunch and finished at 2pm.  So it was a good day’s study.

I felt inspired to complete the assignment early, which I hope to do either Saturday (today) or early next week.  There are a couple of other papers and reports to write, though, so I will be busy.

Mandy has lived in South Africa and Kay’s family is from there, too.  I have visited my Uncle in Johannesburg, so we had a few things to share. 

When I arrived home, I made an electronic copy of my assignment, saved it to Dropbox and sent the links by e-mail to Ann-Marie.  I also posted the hardcopy, which fitted in an envelope, so it was easy to do.

Then I went to the chemist to look for eye drops, as I have a vein that is showing in the white of my eye.  However, she said it would clear up on its own and not to worry too much.  I have had it once before without any problems.

Oh well, it is Mother’s Day tomorrow week.  I have a card and gave my Mum a trial set of A-F33, the new Avon wrinkle cream which has been on the television in current affairs and morning shows.  Hopefully, we will take a before and after photograph to see if there is any effect on extreme wrinkles. 

In the meantime, I will ask her to stop by the garden shop on the way to pick up our Pizza oven today.  I might find some nice flowers growing in a small pot that she would like.


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