One down, still keeping on keeping on….

Today my certificate arrived in the mail for my course in Christian Ministry and Theology from the Institute of Faith Education.  It is beautiful!  There was a printout of all my work included and some other information.

Without God’s help, I could never have completed this work of Faith.  It has been a year since I started, and there have been so many things happen along the way.  The course has taught me so much and I am very pleased indeed with the resources that have been unearthed for teaching in schools. 

Today at morning coffee, I shared my excitement with Lyn, who had a spur of the moment decision for us to meet and do some networking and supporting.  She is another student in the Masters in Education course in counselling. At present, my course is just the Graduate Certificate, but we are both only taking two units a Semester, which means she will finish next year, whereas I will finish, hopefully, at the end of this year.

To keep my supervisors in the loop, I e-mailed them with an update this morning.  I actually hope to have the best draft of my thesis available this time next month, but I did not mention that part.  I just wrote that I am on the last chapter and still have some culling to do.

They encouraged me to keep up the good work.  My research is taking me to the PhD topic more and more, so I have to try to fence it off at the Master’s part, which is not easy. 

So Lyn and I are going to meet on 9th June, all things going well.  That will be to celebrate the good draft of the thesis.

I also managed to hear an excellent Webinar this morning which took half an hour to access due to the computer environment requirements.  After a lot of sorting out, it was really worthwhile.  The presenter is a Canadian with links to business, marketing and sports.  I learned a lot and have already started to work on some of the tips. 

Still, the best part of the day was sharing my news about completing my Certificate IV.  I also e-mailed the support section at the Institute to thank them for all the great work.  They were incredibly understanding and supportive and provided very direct and useful advice and assistance.  It was very impressive, all up.

I love to complete my courses of study.  So time to finish Semester One of my Graduate Certificate.  Only one discussion paper with plan included to go!


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