At Dad’s 80th birthday party on the weekend we met DJ’s sister, Caroline.  She has anorexia.  Like her mother, she is quite petite.  As I have seen very thin girls before, it was not quite shocking, but still quite sad.

DJ is in a little cottage next to Peter and Lynda’s house.  He is Tanya’s partner and they have three children.  Caroline is staying with them, as she is travelling for a year and they have a spare room for her out the back.

The house where Peter lives seems a lot calmer now.  They have two pizza ovens that they built in the last month or so.  The first one is smaller and was the test run.  Now Dad is keen to build one at our place.  Mum and I went to North Lakes library on Monday to take out the book we put on hold on outdoor projects.  There is a lot of information on the internet as well, but Dad is not keen to start learning how to use the internet.  He prefers books.

Mum is against the idea, as it seems like more work for her.  The microwave does a great job of cooking pizzas, although she now prefers the cooktop for rice and oats, as they are less gluggy than in the microwave.

I think it’s a great plan and look forward to the day that we can have a little furnace in the garden.  If we use the right bricks, we could even do pottery.  Somehow, I think it will be just plain bricks, though, unless Dad finds furnace bricks at a garage sale in the near future.

At present, I am debating whether I should ask DJ about doing some counselling with Caroline.  My current studies in mental health and my wellness coaching should be useful.  However, I have no idea whether that is what Caroline would like.  Somehow, I can see her going off in the bush or to a remote community to commune with the Great Australian Outback.  Although, where Peter lives is not that bad and at least it has plumbing.

I’ll think on it and make a decision.


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