Beautiful weather

These last few days have been glorious!  I love it when the temperature dips below 30 Celsius in Autumn.  The skies have been clear and blue with a beautiful cool breeze blowing our way.

It has been great weather for writing, but also great weather for going outdoors.  Mum has been gardening for the first time in months.  She scoffs at us when we put on a light jumper.  We don’t wear it for long, as moving around any amount at all soon makes it warmer.

Our large chickens, the ones Jim and Kit gave us, are now in the aviary.  There have been about ten escapes from the chicken pen since they arrived and Max has enjoyed chasing chickens around the garden.  We have been chasing Max and the chickens, raising a lot of commotion in the process.

Now, the large ones are in with the canary, Indian ring necks and cockatiels.  They seem to like the environment better.  Dad put sugar can mulch on the ground and Mum threw in some vegetable scraps.  They chase worms and lizards with great enthusiasm.  At night, though, it is taking a while for them to roost properly.  I saw two sitting on a canary nesting box yesterday.

It seems the large chickens are the meat producing birds, whereas our cute little smaller chickens are the egg producing variety.  They certainly don’t get on with each other.  It’s as if they were different species all together. 

At least now we can guess as to why Jim and Kit were so keen to pass them on to us.  Although, they are quieter in the mornings now.  The first day we thought one was a rooster.  It turns out they were just very, very hungry and did not know how to eat food pellets.

They have had our giant sweet potato, that we found when starting to weed the vegetable garden after several months of lying fallow.  Mum cooked and mashed it.  It was not until we mixed it with green vegetables that they recognised it as food, too.  For a while they seemed to eat the shredded paper in the nesting boxes.  Now they have sugar cane mulch.  It’s all that we had in the garden that was close at hand when they went in the bigger aviary.

Mum and I were appreciating our neighbourhood yesterday, on the drive back from shopping.  The city council has done a lot to add water taps, shade areas, trees and playgrounds.  There are lots of little paths for walking now.  It is improving all the time.  If only I could work out how to get the surf ski down to the water to try paddling in the early mornings.



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