Search for the counter narrative

As usual, I am up early, about half an hour before dawn, making coffee and catching up on the news.  This time, it is not fb and e-mail, but the American news.  It’s all about Boston.

We sat enthralled yesterday as the drama unfolded and Boston was in lock-down.  The evening news had the updates.  In the morning, our time, early evening in Boston, the analysis was well underway.

It was the strangest thing.  In between going out for a jog with Max and my normal routine, all of a sudden my little world was part of the bigger picture.  Jogging, watching inspiring Nike videos online, watching the Junior Nationals Gridiron Championship online, catching up on assignments… it’s all part of my information net that suddenly grew very large.

It seems the bombing was part of an initiation rite for a Caucasian-related group.  The separate bombs were the signatures of two separate would-be initiates.  The cost of study without scholarship and family support led them to want athletic scholarships in wrestling…. The prestige of Harvard beckoned.  Being an unrecognised minority did not help if there was an FBI record of past activities.

Is my thesis really on international students?  Am I really studying career counselling? Do I really go to my Certificate IV in Mental Health classes on Fridays?  How can this be?  There seems to be an “altro polo”.  The academic as against the chaotic and watching a movie last night with Dan Akroyd in “Ghost Busters” seemed all so relevant.  Even the 1980s hair on Sigourney Weaver seemed somehow appropriate.

Too much connection for one day….


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