Defining my Discussion Chapter

My thesis discussion chapter is next up for rewriting.  In the last few days several concepts have made sense to me, partly as a result of studying the Systems Theory Framework (STF) in Education for my counselling course.

In Information Theory, there are different ways of looking at responsibility when it isn’t allowed to be moral responsibility.  I have had a hard time trying to work out the shortest and simplest way to describe which type of responsibility is relevant to my theme.  This morning I decided on political and criminal responsibility, following Benhabib and Przeworski.  For me, it’s really governmental, organisational and non-state individuals, but that is close enough for starters.

Then I had to sort out Pareto efficiency and decided on issues in equity and social welfare related to Pareto efficiency, as per Dubey and Mitra.  This is a treatise in economic theory, though, but both are technical papers, so I will work out the parts that I need to understand and follow up from there.

It’s not really helpful for me to have the STF featured as non-empirical in my studies to date, but at least it is a good characterisation of the way in which data in education is only meaningful in terms of funding for the school.  Really, people only want to know what value they are getting in relation to their own career prospects, when the extreme career development perspective is adopted.  This can apply to parents, community job placement providers and students alike.  Fortunately, a focus on the student’s best interests makes it a more professional exercise.  It makes all the theory meaningful and gives hope to web designers and counsellors who develop pay-for-use programs that can easily be used in schools.

Anyway, back at my discussion paper, I have to look at some kind of algorithm related to my themes or data analysis.  I already have a log-linear regression formula based on graphing my results.  In between times, I should work the data a lot more to tidy it up and make it more friendly.  There is always something to do besides checking references in the body of the text and the reference list.



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