Boston marathon

At about the time I was preparing to go for my morning run with Max, the Boston marathon finishing line was being bombed.  It is astonishing to think that such a thing would happen.

I had no idea as we set off, but on our return it was on the news.  The same footage was being played over and over with different commentary.  It was unclear for an hour as to the exact time of the explosions.  We watched in stunned disbelief. 

A friend in Western Australia was apparently driving to his office at 3am in the morning, his time, when the blasts occurred.  I messaged him on Skype.  He seemed stunned at the news even three hours after the event.  Normally he has a lot to say.

I checked the live stream video, which also did not say anything new. The library bomb at JFK Library was mentioned earlier.  It seemed so strange.

Somehow, the reality crossed over into the type of program we watch for midday drama – “CSI New York”, “CSI Miami” and the like.  The FBI and police were quickly on the scene.  People were asked to avoid meeting in large groups. Hotels were being secured.

By way of contrast, things were quite here.  Someone on my morning run was standing at the roadside, apparently waiting, looking a bit stunned by something, but I have no idea what.  Apart from that, there were no signs. 

Then there was an interview on national television with a “senior academic” familiar with sudden bomb attacks and the like.  He politely waited for the reporter to stop adding comments to what appeared to be endless questions and statements of surprise.

Our day is just starting here, I’m nor sure whether the Boston Redsocks have played or will be playing for the Memorial Day events, if that is what is happening.  I guess there will be more news this evening, our time, as the reporters gather information and video bites.


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