School’s back after the Easter break

It has been two weeks of cooler weather and soaking rain, with a few days of sunshine interspersed over the school holidays.  I have made good use of my time by sending out enquiries about work, although I strongly suspect that many school administrative staff have been away.

As a supply teacher, I am on call during school days, since I nominated Monday through Friday as my available days.  This helps me to organise my day so that I am ready to go out at very short notice. 

My week day alarm is set for 4:30am, when I make some coffee and check my e-mails.  Then I take the dog for a walk and tidy up at home.

This usually sets me up for either teaching or writing for the rest of the day, as I clear my work desk and sort my electronic files.  With one more assignment to go, I will be half way through my Graduate Certificate in Education (Careers Development).  I also need to complete the rewrite of my thesis, but can only allocate 8-9 hours a week at most to this.

On the weekend, I looked at XLibris publishers, as my friend Crystal is writing a book and I wanted to let her know about publication options.  I would consider using it myself in order to keep up the momentum with writing.  It seems very practical and interesting.

I love the opportunities that are made available through computers and information technology!  I am also enjoying having a focus on my writing and gradually adding my morning runs and other fitness activities to keep me on track.  Last week I added squats and lunges and could definitely feel my leg muscles after that.




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