Second take on the literature review

Having completed the literature review with only one run through, I wondered how long it would be before the next version of it would demand to be written.  The previous literature review started out fine and then I found a new approach which involved starting over.

So I re-read the topic and tried to work out what was going on.  Although I had themes and a target group, I did not necessarily have a particular theoretical perspective and critique of the empirical work.  Well, I had used the predominant framework, which is indeed a perspective rather than a theory.  I did critique the empirical base, due to stereotypes which are not helpful for counting or measuring if they don’t apply to the subjects.

So perhaps my next stage of the assignment, the 1,000 word position paper, will be the place to look at aspects of the framework and say how I have or will be incorporating those in my practice.  I think the long-term view, of how this is applicable in institutions such as aged care facilities, may  be relevant.  Or perhaps the current issues in aged care related to demented patients with no liability for their actions is an indication of how youth with no criminal liability are managed.



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