Coming to grips with theory and practice

After 2000 words in my literature review, I am now onto the part where I write a position statement.  It seems this is the narrative that will help transition me from theory to praxis.

The final assignment is on designing a career program.

Yesterday I heard from the boys’ college where I attended an interview to say that I was not successful in obtaining a teaching position there.  The Deputy Principal of Teaching and Learning seemed genuinely sorry that he was not able to offer me the position.  I had the feeling that the school has a need that I could help to fill, but am not sure of much more than that.  It seems, on a quick review of websites about interviews and follow-ups, that I could keep them informed of my progress in my career development course and consider some kind of professional training for staff.

If not that school, which is a longish bus trip from home, then a closer school might be suitable.  There are probably grants in the area which I could consider.  Often private colleges use grants because they target specific populations not catered for in the State schools.

Today I have  a bit more reading to check that I am on the right track before I draft my Position Statement.  If I approach it like the kind of thing that is posted to a school website under the teacher’s photograph, I think that should be fine.  However, I want it to be well-grounded in the theory and experience, not just conjecture.



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