My Video

Yesterday I applied for a voluntary role in sports officiating and needed to complete a video application. 

I used the camera with the notebook computer and Windows Live Moviemaker to edit the video.  Although it would have been nice to go overboard and include lots of pictures and video of people moving around, I thought simple is best.

I uploaded it to youtube and send the link to the selection committee.  It took a long time to upload, but seemed OK when I played it back.  Then I sent copies to the local sporting committee people so they would be aware of the application.

It was a fun thing to do.  Actually, Dad was doing lawn mowing and edges at the time, so I was glad that the sound came out OK.  Fortunately, I had a couple of practice runs a week or so ago, so I expect that helped to refine my story.

Here’s hoping the application is successful!  It is another motivation to keep me studying and getting my thesis finished.  If only it could all be done in time for the big event!



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