Vale Dave.

We heard this afternoon that our family friend, Dave, passed away silently in hospital with his wife nearby.  She has been staying with him through it all.

His last wish was to go home in peace, so I guess he is Home now.

On Saturday afternoon, I had a sense of him gently drifting off.  He was heavily sedated and felt no pain, as is the norm in palliative care nowadays, I think.

Dad has been mopey for weeks due to the influenza virus and also hearing that his older brother is quite poorly in England.

Mum has been grumpy and is a lot better with her cough now.  This is the so-called 90-day cough which has been annoying her so much lately.

I expect there will be a funeral next week.  My planned volunteering at FILEX from 18th April had to be cancelled as I suspected it would be the time of the funeral.  Fortunately, QANTAS has vouchers now that you can use within eight months for the value of the flights, so it is not so bad. 

It has been a strange weekend, knowing that our friends have been to farewell their father and grandfather, Dave.  We don’t actually know  a lot about his life, as Alice always speaks twenty to the dozen about family and friends whenever we meet.

In any case, I’m sure he is in a better place now.


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