The tape measure is my friend

Doing the 90 day challenge is interesting.  I started and registered on the US site, but then the Australian site was launched.  Rather than register again and be in the running for whatever fabulous prizes are on offer, I am just continuing without competing for any prizes.

All this week, I have noticed a feeling of hunger, despite drinking adequate amounts of water. However, there has been no discomfort with it, and hunger is to be expected when one exercises more and tries to eat a balanced, but slightly calorie-restricted diet.

This morning I checked some of my measurements and thought for the first time how they related to other things.  Lately, I have been living in shorts and polo shirts or t-shirts, so clothing size has not been all that relevant.  However, with running every day, it is clearly important to wear supportive clothing, and I can expect my size to alter significantly in that regard.  In fact, according to the tape measure, it has.

At times like these I see the wisdom of living simply.  T-shirts and shorts might be the choice of students and teachers waiting to be called in for a day or two of supply teaching.  However, when it comes to anything different from that, a new layer of living simply has to be added.  Socks that stay up, shoes that can be thrown in the washing machine regularly, shorts that stay in place, tops that offer support.

While chain stores have an abundant supply of similar clothing that generally fits loosely it is often not fit for purpose in some way, such as being too short, cut too low, or impossible to wear with normal underwear.

With that in mind, I now carry a simple tape measure with me on my shopping trips to check that the basics are covered.  Sometimes it is not possible to try things on before purchasing, so at least now, I am prepared.



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