Work Experience

It’s exciting studying to be a careers counsellor, especially now that Wendy asked me to look for Work Experience opportunities.  At present, I am also doing a Certificate IV in Mental Health through TAFE to help with my hours for counselling.  It is very interesting, as the Australian government’s approach to politics/social engineering includes a local version of the recovery model in mental health. 

Yesterday I was working on my teaching cv for a particular job application, when I decided to cut it short and use it for cold canvassing for work experience.  It worked out quite well, as I wrote a cover letter as well as cv for six different schools asking about work experience.

The proactive side of work experience is great, as I don’t have to scan openings and wait for a suitable position, but can select places in which I am interested and approach them.  On the other hand, I still have two pieces of assessment for first semester, which are fairly demanding in terms of organising ideas and writing proposals.

Other students are enjoying their work experience and learning a lot, so I hope to find somewhere like that with WISC tests and the like.


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